Sunday, May 31, 2009

5 Essential Direct Sales Tips

When getting into a Direct Sales Opportunity it's important to keep a few things in mind. Like everything else in your life this is going to take some of your time and effort. Below are some Direct Sales Tips to keep in the forefront of your mind while Building your Buisness.

  • Marketing: Somewhere along the way people have gotten the notion that if they just join an organization it's gonna happen. I've got new for ya, it won't! If you are not actively Marketing your business/opportunity, your business/opportunity is dying. There are many different strategies, especially in this day and age with the internet and floods of information. Pick a method that best suits your style and your budget, impliment and track and watch the profits rise.
  • Business vs. Hobby: This is the death of most beginners. It is true that you should love what you do but if you're just going through the motions I suggest getting a job to support your hobby. Set measurable goals. Be accountable for your time and money.
  • Product: If you don't use the product/opportunity you sell how in the world do you expect to sell that product/opportunity to someone else!?! The most successful people in Direct Sales are passionate about their product/opportunity.
  • Leadership: If you want to gain the REAL money in this industry you need residual income. The best way to build residual income is to become a leader in the field others want to follow. If this is not your managemnet style, I suggest reading a few books or attending a course. Leadership is the key to a large organization.
  • Cause: There has to be something bigger than just money. What is your reason, or as it's so popular, what is your "why?" Is it for more time with the family? Is it for more money for vacations? Maybe you've got credit card debt you want to pay off. Whatever it is for you, get clear about it! It's got to be something bigger than just, "I want to make more money." Really, who doesn't.

I hope these Direct Sales Tips have cleared a few things up. Just remember to always be Marketing, treat this like a Business, love your Product/Opportunity, become a Leader and have a clear Cause. If you continue with the fundamentals, who knows, maybe I'll be reading your Direct Sales Tips.

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