Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How Do You Generate Your Leads?

I'd like to hear from some other people about the topic of lead generation.

Do you use FREE methods of generating leads like articles, videos, press releases, etc? Do you get in to the paid advertising with Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other PPC? Do you use offline approaches like Direct Mail postcards?

I'm curious to know what others are doing, how they are tracking and what seems to be working the best for you and your business.

This day and age it's crucially important to have a sales system and process in place. I have been a part of companies in the past that had entire departments that would simply field calls or make calls to and from prospects. With the internet, you should be utilizing these very same tools without all of the employees.

You, as the owner, have better things to do. Marketing and lead generation should be the #1 focus. After Marketing, leadership development of your team is the next most important tool in your arsenal. So, the question remains the same...How Do You Generate Your Leads? I'm curious to see the responses. Feel free to leave them in the comments or shoot me an email. Also, if you have any questions that you would like to have answered, feel free to ask.

I promise if you have a question, you aren't the only one who has that question. By you asking, you have helped everyone else learn as well. I look forward to your questions and will answer some of the best questions in the coming posts.

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  1. we get leads from articles, videos, google adwords and being involved with a brandname company online as well as word of mouth customers... going out and prospecting nowadays is not the same as it used to be