Monday, November 2, 2009

Think And Grow Rich Persistence

In the timeless classic "Think and Grow Rich" you are given a story called A Fifty Cent Lesson in Persistence. In this story, which takes place in the early 1900's, a young female tenant uses the Power of Persistence to get what she wants from the owner of the Sharecrop for which her family worked and lived.

The story goes on to tell how the young child insisted on getting 50 cents from the Older Gentleman. Even after he had said no multiple times and had even threatened to take a switch to her. The whole time she stood and said, "Yes sir," but never moved and ultimately came away with the Half Dollar.

How in the world, in that day and age, could a young girl completely conquer an older gentlemen? This is a similar question you may be having with your business right now. Or possibly a question that arises from you when you see other people's success. It is no different now as it was in the story. The girl knew what she wanted, made it very clear and was willing to stand there and receive punishment in the process.

Success in anything ultimately comes down to your persistence. Nobody ever achieves their greatest rewards the first time they try. I actually watched a story about Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream last night that was full of persistence. If it wasn't the financing it was the competition. If it wasn't the competition it was themselves, etc, etc. Everyone is faced with adversity and difficult times. Only after realizing your rewards do you reflect back on how easy it would be to do again.

Why do you think roughly 98% of the wealth is controlled by less than 3% of the population? You can't tell me it's all because someone was born into wealth. That may attribute for a small percentage, but there is a new millionaire created online everyday!! It's probably far more often than that, I just can't remember the actual statistic. What is it then? It's simply because those at the top understand that when other people say no, it's usually out of their own fears and/or lack of understanding. And, for some, hearing no enough will lead you to a place where you don't even bother.

So, today is the day!! Get your dreams out of the closet, dust them off and make just ONE action towards it's attainment...TODAY!!! Is someone going to tell you no, of course because that person is a sissy who still lives in their mothers basement (by choice). The only thing that matters is your persistence to never be denied. The only thing that can stop you is you.

It's amazing to hear people after only one attempt at something that doesn't go there way. The next few phrases out of their mouth are filled with excuses..."I'm not strong enough anyway," "It wasn't that good of an idea" "You're better at this sort of thing" "Well, he said he MIGHT call and I don't want to bug him" etc, etc, etc. Unless it is an action towards your attainment of that goal or intention, it's an excuse or a story, and neither one of those has ever paid the bills. Stop making excuses and start making money.

So, you have a choice right now! Will you keep going towards the attainment of your Dreams or are you going to look at your dreams and tell them, "It wasn't really that important." What's it gonna be, persistence and achievement or another good story at the bar with your buddy who lives in his Mom's basement (by choice)? Only you can decide and you only have you to blame or you to thank. I hope this helps you on your Journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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