Monday, November 2, 2009

Network Marketing Online Training Simplified

The internet has changed the way we do everything. You can buy movie tickets, rent cars, pay bills, get bills and even have your dinner delivered online. So, you, as a Network Marketer need to be right on top of the curve with your marketing efforts and building your business Online. I must admit that after spending time training people who are new to the internet in general, there are a few things that get taken for granted. So I'm going to try and break this down to it's most simple and give you an overview of HOW it all pieces together and HOW it positions you in front of every prospect you could possibly want. So sit back, relax and enjoy Network Marketing Online Training Simplified.

First and foremost, don't fight it. It's here and it's here to stay. Yes, there may be certain tools on the internet that may prove themselves to be a flash in the pan, but how someone gets information and ultimately makes a decision has changed and is never going back. It has been said that over 500,000 people per month look for other ways to earn income online. That's quite a staggering amount of people. Not to mention there are over a Billion people doing basic searches daily. So, even if you don't attract all of the opportunity seekers, you still have a HUGE pool to choose from in terms of your product. Too often your product and your retail sales get overlooked. I consider this a HUGE mistake. 80% of your team will drop out. That's just something you have to come to grips with. However, people will stick with the product forever if they love it and have loyalty towards it. DO NOT overlook this aspect of your business and realize WHERE these people will be doing searches to either find your product or one similar to it. So set up your Real Estate

Your Real Estate online can be Times Square or Mexico, MO. The decision is completely up to you. Yes, there are some expensive pieces of Real Estate online, but there are also areas of high traffic that you can obtain for free. The more people who are attracted to your "Store Front" the better. So, when someone does a search for either your particular product/service or your opportunity, are they going to see you or are they going to see the other guy? Again, the choice is completely up to you. Paid advertising gives you immediate results in terms of landing on that piece of Real Estate. However, it's not the easiest matrix to figure out and could cost you an entire years worth of Marketing budget if not done correctly. The bottom line is this, do you want people to find you or not? If you do, make it your intention to Dominate certain Keywords and Keyword Phrases. Then give a TON of content related to those particular Keywords and Phrases. As you progress you will gain a better feel fro what you're doing, but right now, just find your areas of expertise and give valuable content

You don't need to speak to everyone in a 3 Foot circle. As a matter of fact, online you will only be speaking with people who are interested. That was a paradigm shift in and of itself for me when I got started. You see, your message and/or your content may differ from the next person. This means your prospect has a choice. This also means if your prospect does choose you, they have done so because they already like what you have to say or what you're about. This is great for your conversion rates and ultimately your business as a whole. Trust me, you can do some pretty amazing things with a small group of dedicated people. Think about the numbers again from the beginning...500,000/month and over a Billion daily. You don't have to get them all, just a very small percentage will help you retire on your terms!!

So, for you newbies out there, take time to learn the entire process. Sometimes we have a tendency to throw out terms and resources expecting them to be everyday uses without taking into account the amount of overall knowledge. Network Marketing Online is here and is here to stay. There is no other place on the planet to get as much highly targeted traffic. Learn from it, don't be afraid of it. You never know, it could turn out to be your best tool. I hope this helps you on Your Journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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