Friday, November 13, 2009

Why Do You Want To Build an Online Business?

Why Do You Want to Build an Online Business? Or any business for that matter. I simply ask because it's important to be able to evaluate what you want out of it to be able to evaluate if you're on the right track. I think far too many people get involved in some sort of business activity for some obscure reason and no real clear path of where they're going or, more importantly, why.

I would say that first and foremost you must figure out what your contribution is going to be out of all of this. That's right, what are you going to give in return for building your successful Online Business? If you haven't thought of this, you should stop right now and dig a little deeper. If your only focus is to make more money, you're in for a long trip. Money will not do it. At some point the overall goal needs to become larger than just the money and larger than any of your own particular goals. Unfortunately, 97%+ of the people who begin a business simply want to make more money. I guess it's no question why in 5 years 95% of businesses fail. So what are you going to do? Better yet, what are you going to contribute?

Most people view Warren Buffet and Bill Gates as extremely wealthy and successful people. Obviously, these are two of the wealthiest individuals on the face of the planet. Did you know they are also two of the largest philanthropists on the face of the planet? That's right, they give away more money than most of us will see in a lifetime. Not to mention the fact that both of these individuals run companies that better millions of peoples lives. So, do you think it is just about the money for these two, or do you think the money is just a bi-product of what they have created. And now, what they have created has enabled them to be able to help even more people through their giving.

So, if you start with a goal in mind of wanting to help 100,000 people, you will attain success with 1,000 people relatively easy. However, if you set out to make $100,000.00, you will always wonder what's taking so long to get to dollar amount. First, set bigger goals, second make your goals larger than just the money. Be a creator for other people to begin to prosper and you will prosper in the process.

If we took 2 people of the same physical stature and began them on a training regimen, one would out-perform the other simply based on expectation. Let me explain:

We take one individual and tell them there goal is to be able to do one pull up in 2 weeks. This individual IMMEDIATELY assumes one pull up is a HUGE task. So, they go about doing all the necessary strength work to build up to that one pull up and they may or may not accomplish their goal.

The second individual is told that their goal is to do 10 pull ups in two weeks. Again, this individual IMMEDIATELY assumes 10 pull ups is a HUGE task. However, this individual (with the same physical stature) does two pull ups the second day.

Do you see how increasing your goals can literally place you light years ahead of where you currently think you can be. This is the only difference between you and the Top Earners in Online Business. They EXPECT to make millions and help others achieve the same success. While most everyone else just waits to hear what they have to say and then HOPE to make an extra thousand bucks. Do yourself a favor and EXPECT to make millions and if you come up half short, you still just made $500k!!! Take it up a notch and start thinking on a larger scale. The only thing separating you from them is you. I hope this helps you on your journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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