Saturday, June 20, 2009

Closely Guarded Secrets of a Serious Entrepreneur

I’d like to give you a few quick pointers on what it’s gonna take for you to become a Serious Entrepreneur. I know what it’s like to want something so bad you can taste and nothing is going to stand in your way of achieving it.

6 years ago I started on the journey of building my own business. I’ve had tremendous highs as well as some not so good moments. Through all of it I know there are a few things that must fall into place in order for you to become truly successful..CONSISTENTLY!! And that is what’s important. There’s nothing worse than doing a great job only to not be able to recreate it again for another month.

Marketing: Your Marketing needs to be specific and targeted. If you’re a realtor, I’m not talking about getting to know your local Farm area and just blanket the entire area. How would you ever know if any of those people are even interested in buying or selling a house? What if you had MOTIVATED prospects calling you already interested in doing business with you!? Wouldn’t your business be FAR more profitable? Not to mention your time and energy involved.

Your Marketing also has GOT TO BE consistent. You see; if you’re doing things correctly your Marketing acts as a process; slowly taking people through enough information until they can make a good decision. This can often time take 2-3 weeks. If you stop your Marketing for a few days there will be a lag in the amount of business you do when that cycle catches up.

Profitable Business Model: I can’t stress this enough! What would you rather do: Work on 20%-30% margin or work on 80% profit margins? I know what I’d rather do. If you’re a serious entrepreneur and you are not involved with something paying you this kind of return you need to start looking at what you’re doing. I work on 80% profits and so do most of the people I work with!

Now, is it easier to sell a $100 item or a $10,000 item? NIETHER, it’s the same game if you’ve done your Marketing correctly and you’re already speaking with an interested prospect! Do you see how this is coming together? Now for the one that takes you over the top! What if you were consistently Marketing and talking with qualified interested prospects about a $10,000.00 item that pays you 80% profit margin!! How long is it going to take you to achieve some SERIOUS results?

This is exactly the kind of thing our team does on a daily basis! It’s your turn to see everything start to come together and start seeing the success you deserve. These methods and this system have truly changed the way I do business and are taking me to a level of success I’ve only dreamed of. If you’re a serious entrepreneur and want to start seeing results like this, you owe it to yourself to check out the link and get more information. I look forward to having the chance to build a business with you.

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