Monday, June 22, 2009

A Few Direct Response Copywriting Tips

If you’ve been through any kind of Marketing training you know that no matter what your chosen media outlet is, if your message is garbage or only appeals to you, you’ve just wasted money.

I’ve spent the last few years going through the school of hard knocks with trial and error of my own Marketing. I have listed a couple pointers below to help you with your Direct Response Copywriting.

Identify the Problem: This sets everything else up. Why does your prospect want to keep reading? Does your Marketing even pertain to them and their situation? You’ve got to make sure your Marketing has basically fallen out of the sky for your prospect and their problem or need.

Identify the Solution: Now that you’ve been able to I.D. the problem the next cordial thing to do is to help I.D. a solution. This DOES NOT have to be your service or opportunity. As a matter of fact it’s probably best if it isn’t. Just give information to your prospect so they can make an informed decision. Obviously you are part of the solution, but let them figure that out.

Options: Let your prospect know that they have options. Nothing turns a prospect away faster than the Hard Close. Nobody wants to be sold but everyone wants to buy something. Trust me, with enough options pointing in your solution, you will put deals together.

Call to Action: This is the big one. This could be something as simple as having them opt-in for more info like a newsletter. Or prompting them to call you for a consultation. Whatever the Action is, make sure your prospect takes one while you’ve got their attention.

If you keep these things in mind while you’re writing your Direct Response Copywriting you’ll begin to see higher conversions. Remember to I.D. the problem, I.D. part of the solution, give them Options and have a Call to Action.

Marketing is the key to keeping your business in business. Without it you’re only as good as your last deal. For an example of what I’m talking about do yourself a favor and check out the link and get more information how you can begin to Master your Marketing and making more money. I’ll see you on the Flip-Side.

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