Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Do You Have What it Takes To Be An Internet Marketing Mentor

Everybody knows that with every success there is a mentor somewhere in the background. Do you have one? Better yet, are you acting like an internet marketing mentor? This goes back to an old saying that goes something like this...Don't dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want.

So, knowing that we need to become the person before you can manifest all of the abundance that go along with it, where do you start? That's actually relatively simple because you don't have to do anything that isn't currently being done on a daily basis. Does your mentor hold trainings for you? Does your mentor offer you advice and give you ongoing learning resources? These are some of the simple aspects to begin implementing with your team.

First and foremost you have to understand that if someone has come to you to join you in in business and/or learn from you, that person believes in you and wants to learn from you. So give them some of the materials you started with. Is there a certain book that got you started? Did you watch a video that resonated deeply with you? Think of what got you to where you are and introduce those same resources to your team.

You'll soon find out that being an internet marketing mentor is more about belief in others than it is about practical approaches to Landing Pages and conversions. People want to know they are being supported and they are on the right track. There are a few basic human needs that all people want to feel comfortable with. After you have done a good job conveying to them that you actually care, you will be surprised at the amount of growth comes from your organization.

Step into the role of an internet marketing leader as soon as possible! Don't fall into the thought process of "not being there yet." Remember the quote about the suit! You can't wait for the results to be right before you do something. You have to do something and watch the results blossom! The right time is now the winning team is yours and the best internet marketing mentor is you!

Right now, I want you to schedule time in your day to stay in touch with your team. I don't care if you don't have a single person in your organization...do it! Make this a priority and prepare for your team trainings to be huge and it will be so. If you want it to rain, you have to dig your ditches!! Get out there with a Tractor and dig some HUGE ditches!

Understand you can become the one everyone talks about. You can be the next person on stage that came out of nowhere. You and I will both know you didn't come out of nowhere, you where digging your ditches to become the best internet marketing mentor on the planet. I hope this helps you on your Journey. Be sure to check back often for more info. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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