Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Are You Sick of All The HYPE Around Home Business Opportunities!?

Let me give you just a brief example of The Hype Around Home Business Opportunities I'm talking about. "The product is so good it sells itself," "Push through the no's to get to the yes's." Well, if the product was so good it sells itself, the company wouldn't need you. And yes, I completely understand you'll be hit with some resistance from time to time, however this is mostly due to speaking with unqualified individuals about your opportunity!

The Hype around Home Business Opportunities that drives me crazy the most are the claims of working 2 hrs a day and making millions! This may be true AFTER you've worked 40+ hrs a week for YEARS and have become the kind of LEADER that has duplicated his/her success. Instead of all of the claims and all of the Hype, this industry would be better served if we simply came out and equipped each of our recruits with the skills and techniques of what it really takes to be successful in this industry. It's not found in a bottle, at a convention, through your upline or in any of the shirts you buy. All of these things are great to keep you plugged in to your community and help build a sense of Team, but it's not helping you generate more leads.

If all of the usual strategies being taught worked there wouldn't be a 97% failure rate! Have you been taught how to generate multiple streams of income? Have you been taught how to generate QUALIFIED leads? Have you been taught how to make money from the leads you generate? Do you still think attraction marketing is something you learned from watching The Secret?

Take a look around your company. What are the Big Dogs doing? Are they attending the events or are the teaching the events? Do they have some sort of audio or book to sell you to help you build your business? Guess what that is...it's another stream of income...FOR THEM! Trust me, I have no problem with any of this. I do have a problem with you not being taught the same strategies to build your own business. It may take you some time to get on that stage, however that does not mean you can't start implementing those same strategies right now!

If you're still cold calling prospects, not generating leads, not getting paid to generate leads and have no repeatable system in place for your team you are following the path of the 97% Stop doing the same thing that has gotten such a terrible rate of success and start doing the things the Top Earners are doing! This industry WILL give you everything you're looking for when done properly.

How would you like to sponsor 15+ people a month into your business? How would you like to get paid from the leads that told you no? That strategy alone will give you enough income to continue Marketing for free!! It's time for you to begin to see the bigger picture and start living the life you came to this industry in search of. It's never too late or too early to become who you know you need to be. Get out there and carve out a piece of this Highly profitable business. No more Hype Around Home Business Opportunities, just proven successful strategies. I hope to see you at the top! Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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