Sunday, September 6, 2009

How are Leads Generated Part 2

So yesterday we covered some good topics of Article Marketing in How Are Leads Generated Part 1. Today we're going to cover what makes for good Video Marketing. Video Marketing has quickly become a very effective way to get your message out. Videos give people an opportunity to put a face to the name and allows you to let your personality to come out. So, without further adieu we are on to Video Marketing.

The most simple process for producing Video Marketing is to simply use the same topic you wrote an article about. How much easier could it get? You've already done the Keyword research and found a nice little sweet spot, now just put those same topics you wrote about into video format. I know a lot of people worry about the quality of their videos and want to make sure they are saying the right things. While you do want to be professional, don't get too caught up in all of the hub bub of perfect video production. My first 40+ videos were done simply using the web cam on my computer.

If you think you need something a little better, The Flip is accepted by most in the industry as a great little tool that will definitely get the job done. So now that you're ready to shoot your video, it's as simple as sitting down in front of the camera and start rolling. Some people may want to read over their article and rehearse a few times. You'll find that after you've done a few videos this process will probably stop and you'll just start talking.

There are a few main points you'll want to remember while doing your video. The topic may be the same as your article but it's not the same outline. Below is the simple outline I use when doing my videos:

1. Introduction

2. ID the Problem: This IS your topic. This is a Hot Spot with your prospect. This is the reason he/she is watching your video.

3. Background/Relation: Tell them about yourself and how you know what they are going through because you yourself have been there and/or experienced. This should be real and believable. This should be natural because it's probably what has lead you to your chosen industry.

4. ID a Solution: This would be a lead in to your product. Again this should be something you have experienced and has lead you to making this video. "I was in your shoes, then I came across something that has helped me tremendously!" Do not mention your actual product. You could be vague about the actual product but not the specific brand or company name. The reason for this is two fold: 1) You are branding YOURSELF as a leader not your company. 2) Most companies don't want their distributors making claims about the product. Believe it or not some people may embellish a benefit.

5. Call to Action: This is when you would want to have them Opt-in to learn more information about you, your product/service or opportunity. After they have done this step, that person is now a LEAD!!

Congratulations!!! You have successfully done two pieces of Marketing that have cost you no money and are full of content. Not to mention that you could probably get both of these done in less than two hours. Just think how much content rich Marketing you can get out with this little process. Make sure you check back tomorrow for How are Leads Generated Part 3 when we cover Blogging.

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