Thursday, September 3, 2009

Network Marketing Leads FAQs Part 1

It seems that Lead Generation for your Network Marketing business has become a very big topic. So, I've decided to write out the most Frequently Asked Questions I get about Network Marketing Leads. I have broken this into two parts (you'll get the other one tomorrow.)

#1 Should I be buying Leads? Short answer is NO. Most leads you buy are not worth the paper they're printed on. What you are looking for are Highly Targeted leads who are already interested in you or your product/service. This makes building a LASTING organization much easier. Purchased leads will wear you down with the hemming and hawing and all the rejection.

#2 How Much Should I Pay per Lead? Well if you just listened to the answer in #1 you know the answer to this question is $0. You should be generating your own leads. Every business owner in every business needs to understand that before he/she can sell the world the world's newest widget, they need to be able to have a Market to sell to. Put on, and leave on, the Marketing hat!

#3 Can I Generate Free Leads? Can you ever! It's easier today than ever before to attract highly targeted and qualified lead traffic to your Landing Page, Squeeze Page, 800#, whatever it is that is driving sales for your business. Do some digging and begin to learn how to generate FREE Leads. Free Leads are normally the best leads because they have come from some sort of content rich form of Marketing and they are already interested by the time you speak with them.

#4 Are "Opportunity Seekers" the Best Leads? Actually quite the opposite. Three months after they have joined you, they'll be out "Seeking" another opportunity. You want people who are seeking YOU or your Product, service or opportunity. Opportunity seekers jump from one system to the next always wondering why it didn't work for them.

#5 Is My "Warm Market" the Best Place for Leads? Only if you want to alienate yourself from everyone who knows you and trusts you. Let's face facts here; people don't want to get involved with Network Marketing because they hate this factor. You are always told to go talk to your friends and your family. I guess the logic is that they will feel guilt ridden into joining your business and the company will continue to grow. A better idea is to learn how to effectively generate your own Network Marketing Leads.

If you didn't notice, the reoccurring theme here is to learn how to generate your own leads. If this is something that is unfamiliar to you, take the time to learn. This is the biggest factor between the Top Earners and the other 97%. Make sure to check us out again tomorrow for the next 5 Network Marketing Leads FAQs.

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