Saturday, September 5, 2009

How Are Leads Generated Part 1

As promised this Blog Post is entirely set up so you can have a better understanding about how to generate leads of your own FOR FREE!!! I'm going to highlight three areas of interest: Articles, Videos and Blogs. These three areas should give you a foundation to have you up and rolling with your lead generation. However, since these three topics alone also have so much information involved I'm going to turn this into a 3 Part Mini-Series, one post for each topic (Articles, Videos and Blogs.) Please understand this information WILL allow you to immediately begin to get your information out to the world!

Let's go over some ground rules here. When writing articles, your objective is to position yourself in the market place as an authority in your particular Niche. This is not an opportunity for you to sell anything. Nobody likes to be sold but everyone likes to buy. Let your prospect CHOOSE you by giving them enough content so they are attracted to you as someone who can help them. So, what do you do first?

#1 Keyword Research: My personal favorite tool for Keyword Research is Google's keyword tool This is a free service and honestly one of the best. You've got to understand that when you're putting content on the web it MUST be relevant content and not a blatant sales pitch. Using this tool, you are using Google's own recommendations of appropriate associated keywords. Never guess with keywords and just choose something you like, this is a surefire way to never get ranked naturally on any search engine. Your goal is to have your content on the FIRST PAGE of your chosen search engine. Considering this day and age, that search engine ought to be Google.

So let's use an example. If you're in the Skin Care industry and you're really wanting to promote a new hand cream don't write an article about that particular product. What you want to do is write Articles based on the benefits of that product. So give this some thought. Maybe you write an article about psoriasis, flaky skin, cracking skin, etc. (I am not an expert on this so bear with me.) After you've decided on a topic now you should think of a "long tailed keyword." This simply means instead of using psoriasis you write about "daily recommendations for psoriasis treatment." This will position you in a much smaller niche market where you will be one of the only individuals positioning yourself as an authority. What would you rather do, fish where everyone is fishing or fish where there is no competition?

Once you've decided on your keyword phrase it's time to write the actual article. Articles should be between 300-500 words and your keyword phrase should be used 3-4 times. This gives the search engines something relevant to search for. Don't concern yourself too much with proper grammar and punctuation. You should write like an adult and not some kid, remember you're trying to position yourself as an expert.

So start doing your homework and get your content out there. Remember, the more content the better. I've said this a bunch, but you are positioning yourself as the expert to go to for this particular niche. Write an article EVERYDAY for a couple months and you'll begin to see some noticeable gains in your leads. Don't get paralysis of analysis. Find your Niche, get your Keywords, write your articles and get it out!! The following are some great sites to publish your articles and they are all free. Go get 'em!


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