Thursday, September 10, 2009

How Are Leads Generated Part 3

Now that you understand the basics of Article and Video Marketing, let's dive into the Blog. I'm sure you've guessed that you're going to want to use the same topic from your Article and your video to post a blog. Keep in mind, however, your blog post doesn't need to be in any certain type of format. It is simply you speaking (typing) your thoughts on a particular subject. I say use the same content simply because the more relevant content out there for a Search Engine to find the better. It also keeps your messages clear and consistent.

Your Blog serves as your overall HUB of your business. Your Articles, Videos and any other type of Marketing you've got out there should lead back to your Blog. This gives your prospect a place to come and "check you out." If a prospect sees one video or reads one article and likes what you have to say, he/she can click a link and be taken to your blog where he/she can read about EVERYTHING you have to offer and truly get a sense of who you are and how you can help them.

Avoid any sort of rants that could sway too far one direction or the other. Yes, you are attracting people like you who are interested in building the same type of business as you but you want that to be as open to as many people as possible. The minute you go off and start down a path of destruction, you have just limited your Market to others who may also be angry that day. Also remember that post is out on the World Wide Web forever. Lots of people will use what you say as a judge of your character and base this as who you are. Remember, the goal is to generate leads so stay on point about what your blog is, not what you dislike. If you want to generate leads for your flower business, don't go on a rant about how much you hate something that is a pet peeve of yours, stay focused on your flowers and your amazing abilities to produce pretty bouquets.

Blogging is easy. And, with enough Keyword research for your Articles and your Videos, you should never run out of topics to Blog about. The most important thing to remember is to give value to your prospect. Why on Earth would someone want to do business with you if they didn't see some sort of Value in what you had to offer. Don't be afraid to give away some good stuff, it can only help you.

So do me a favor. Read the last 5 Blog posts on this Blog and generate some leads. I know you may be thinking there is more to this and you're not ready. That is not the truth. You can absolutely go out there armed with what is in the last 5 Blog posts and generate leads. I hope this helps and I hope I can continue to help you in the future.

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  1. great insight, this information should equip anyone with the ability to be successful at generating leads... thanks dave