Thursday, September 24, 2009

From J.O.B. To Fire Your Boss!!

So your tired of your J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) and you want to Fire Your Boss. I want to help prepare you for what lies ahead. Some of you will have done a bunch of preparation for the big day. Others will simply find themselves at a point one day at work when they say, "I've had it, this is it I'm outta here!!" While I can't say I didn't have the latter, I did, however, prepare myself for what was to come. Only to find out I didn't prepare enough. So I'm going to give you a few quick points to have in line before you Fire Your Boss.

1) Do what you Love: I know, I know this is almost a cliche. However, it is the most truthful statement in forging out your own piece of the pie. Some of the most highly paid individuals are doing what most would consider a vacation. Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady. Each of these people play a game and make hundreds of millions of dollars. The same is said for entertainers; go ahead, think of your favorite musician or actor. These people sing, dance and play make believe and are compensated VERY well. Granted, these people also have a tremendous amount of talent to go along with their chosen profession. I've got a question for you, what came first, the talent or the profession.

2) Work: Be prepared to work more now than you did when you had a boss. That's right, now you have to do the same amount of work that the entire business was doing before. It won't be like this for long, but in the beginning you have to be the one to set up everything. This is normally when we lose most people. People tend to leave their J.O.B. for greener pastures of days on the beach and sleeping late. Saying things like, "What's gonna happen, I'm not gonna get fired." This is the kiss of death. Let's go back to the athletes and entertainers for a moment. Do you think they just decided they were going to choose that profession and then the next day they were signing contracts with the Yankees. NO, they spent their entire lives WORKING to be the best and now their compensation reflects that work. Some may say they are overpaid, but they are only getting what the market will allow.

3) Change: That's right, what made you good at your J.O.B. is not enough for you to Fire Your Boss. While you might have been stressed at work, the stress of owning and operating your own business is completely different. Your boss treating you like an incompetent child may be frustrating, but not having any money to pay your bills is more frustrating. The only difference is that now you have nobody to point the finger at except yourself. This is by far the most difficult process new entrepreneurs have. They expect that the mindset they've had is going to be good enough. Wrong!! Take the athletes and entertainers again. Everyone of them is used to being the best player or star on there team or cast. Then they hit the big time and EVERYONE is the best. It's time to take your game to another level. This means your mentality has to change, which means you have to change. What you are doing now is what has gotten you to where you are. So, in order to go further you have to do something different! Keep practicing, this game is never over and there are no time outs.

Making the transition from J.O.B. to Fire Your Boss truly is a life changing experience. You'll notice things you once thought were huge deals barely even matter. Your ability to make decisions and handle large tasks will begin to grow. And as you practice and practice and practice, your compensation will also garner what the market will allow. This process can absolutely free up your life if you're willing to take the necessary steps. Do yourself a favor and find a mentor, this always helps to shorten the learning curve. I hope this helps you on your Journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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  1. best one yet, you do a great job at speaking right to that individual reading the post... guess that means me right now!