Friday, September 18, 2009

It's NOT About Your Network Marketing Company, Business, Product or Opportunity

I hate to be forward, okay maybe I don't, but nobody cares about Your Network Marketing Company, Business, Product or Opportunity! Face the facts, people will join or not join your business because of you! Why do the Top Producers in your organization have such large teams? They have the same Comp plan, product and opportunity yet they seem to be knocking the cover off the ball while you're still treading water. What's the difference? It's YOU!

What do you have to offer that the other million plus people in your organization don't offer? Have you proven yourself to be a leader? If not, why would someone want to join your team? Do you have a repeatable system in place for your team to plug in to that will produce leads and results? If not, why would someone want to join your team? Have you grown as a person and developed the skills and traits that make you a winner in Life? If not, why would someone want to join your team?

These are just a few simple questions you should be asking yourself. Don't stop there however. Now that you've answered some of these questions the REALLY important step is to ACT. Getting ready to get ready has gotten a whole lot of people nowhere. If your afraid to take the shot, you'll never win. So where do we start?

Leadership: Some leaders are born, most are developed. Here's a good litmus test. If you know more about your favorite T.V. show, sports team, Reality Star, etc than you do about your own business opportunity and/or your own personal development, go get a job! If your DVD collection is bigger than your book collection something is out of alignment. Please keep in mind I'm talking about those who want to be TRUE leaders. If you're not interested in being in the top 1% stop reading because you'll just get upset. Start reading some books about Leadership, start reading books on personal development. Nobody will follow someone until they themselves are a proven leader. If this is out of your comfort zone, work on it. Leadership is the #1 factor between becoming a success and being mediocre.

Systems: In Network Marketing it is very important to be able to teach your team how to duplicate your success. Remember, the majority of your income relies on the success of your team. If you simply recruit someone and leave them to figure it out on there own, your asking for failure. So, do you have a system in place that is producing results for you? If so, you need to share it with your ENTIRE team. This is where we lose most newcomers to Networking. The common response is, "Won't they take all of my leads and build a bigger business than me!?" This is the mindset of a worker bee, not a leader. You need to face the fact that you MIGHT get 10% of your leads into your business. That means 90 of 100 people will say no. What if your team could pick up another 5%-10% of what you don't get. Do you see how much your TEAM just grew. This is how you need to think. Get a system and teach your team.

I'm going to end it here for right now. This is enough for you to work on for the near future. Remember, nobody cares about Your Network Marketing Business, Company, Product or Opportunity until they are first impressed with you! So go out and work on your Leadership and get some Systems in place for your entire team to be successful. I hope this helps you on your journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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