Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Real Estate Investing &. Direct Sales a Winning Combination!

Today I'm going to dive into two areas of income I've got a good amount of experience with...Real Estate Investing & Direct Sales. For the purposes of this blog I'm going to speak about REAL Real Estate Investing (not speculation) and I'm going to keep it simple and easy to understand.

If I had to choose just one to build my income and liquid cash it would be Direct Sales. There is no other industry or business model that allows you to generate as much cash as this industry. Big business, according to Forbes, are 500 employees or more. This is where it is said to be that the truly wealthy make money. Do you have any idea the amount of money, blood, sweat and tears it would take to build a traditional company with 500 employees? Not to mention the sacrifices of your day to day life. In the Direct Sales industry you can build an organization of 500 people in less than a year. Think about that for a minute, you can have the power to leverage other people's efforts as easily as some of the largest businesses in the world. The major differences are: You don't pay insurance, rent, liabilities, overhead or employees. Yet you do the same amount of volume and have higher profits. Not to mention the fact your income can compete with some of the top CEO's. If you think I'm full of it, do the research and see for yourself.

I've said this a hundred times, if you want to get ahead you have to be able to leverage time and money. In the Direct Sales industry you are able to do both. Your time is leveraged by the efforts of your organization. When you are successful with this you can take your money and leverage it in the same way. Which leads me to...

Real Estate Investing. Remember, I'm not talking about flipping houses. I'm talking about the true investment of Real income producing property. This is not as sexy as "Flip This House," but the long term benefits are far more exciting. Do you realize you can add to your Net Worth 10 fold by investing simply 20% of a purchase price of a property. So, for easy numbers sake, if you bought a $100,000 property (that had a positive cash flow) you could buy this using only $20k of your own money and add to your net worth $100,000. Now keep in mind this is a VERY simple model and there is no "how to" here, this is just an example.

How do you think the wealthy seem to continue to get more and more wealthy? Do you realize that with just a few of these deals your net worth is going to be pushing a million dollars. On top of that, you are viewed by your bank as someone who they WANT to lend money to. Guess what that enables you to more income producing properties and continue to add to your Net Worth!!

This simple little strategy allows you both time freedom and financial freedom. Now we're getting somewhere. There is no other industry like Direct Sales for generating large amounts of cash quickly and Real Estate (bought correctly) is a great place to grow your money. Yes, even in these times, Real Estate is a smart investment. Please keep in mind I'm speaking of Income Producing property, not single family flips. People are always going to need a place to live and businesses are always going to need a place to work.

This is a formula for the average person just like you and me to go out and make a small fortune. As with anything in life, it pays to have a mentor. Someone who can shorten your learning curve and teach you the in's & out's. I'd love to be able to work with you and show you just how lovely Life can be. I hope this helps you on your Journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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