Friday, September 18, 2009

Network Marketing Help..Get Proper Training Don't Give Up!

It's no secret that this industry has a 3% success rate. This stems from a couple different reasons. One of them is that people continue to try to build a business the same way that has gotten us this 3% success rate. Second is nobody is ever given proper training to help build their organizations. So I've decided to give some insight with Network Marketing Help..Get Proper Training Don't Give Up!

Every time you get involved with a new company you hear the same old song and dance about making a list of 200 people you barely know to get in to business with you. I see two immediate problems with this strategy: 1) Most, if not all, of those people have no idea what it takes to build a business and 2) Chances are you have never been taught how to recruit or sell. If you haven't made a living selling, you can't sell. I know this sounds blunt but it's true. You can't recruit people because in your previous jobs you may have never had to sell anything! Now you're in an industry that is 100% based on sales volume. You can listen to whatever makes you feel better but the bottom line is this; if nothing sells there are no commissions period. So what are you supposed to do? I can think of two things right off the bat that will help any average person with big dreams become successful in Network Marketing.

Lead Generation: Instead of talking to 200 people in your "warm market" who have no desire to get involved with the newest business opportunity, why not set up lead generation systems that allow you to talk to 200 people/week who ARE interested in joining you in business. Now that is a crazy concept isn't it? I understand the concept of the warm market. It allows you to talk with people you're comfortable with and these people may join based on sheer emotion of wanting to help you. That's great, but they won't help you achieve your dreams. Get a lead generation system in place and recruit business builders and then give them your same lead generation system so they can repeat your success. Now we're talking some SERIOUS growth!!

Recruiting: Most people get involved in this industry and have never even sold a glass of lemonade. Go get a job as a telemarketer where you are forced to make 100+ cold calls everyday. Not only that, but you'll get some training with sales. Most people have no idea about posture and positioning. Let alone maintaining control of a conversation and leading to the close. If you think going out and getting a sales job is beneath you, buy some sort of course that teaches you everything you need to know about recruiting for your business. It is not uncommon for a trained individual to recruit 15-20 personally sponsored individuals into their organization through proper training.

Do yourself a favor and start treating your business like a business. If you treat this like a hobby, it will do what all hobbies do...cost you money! Stop messing around get Network Marketing Help..Get Proper Training & Don't Give Up! Learn how to generate leads and then learn how to properly recruit those leads. I hope this helps you on your journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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