Monday, September 14, 2009

How To MARKET Your Network MARKETING Business

When people get involved with a Network Marketing business, they are never properly taught how to Market your Network Marketing Business. You are told to go out and make a list of 200 of you closest friends family and acquaintances. Everyone from your neighbors, friends, family, Doctor and your mailman. While some, less than 1%, have had some success this way there is a much better and far easier way to build your business.

What if instead of talking to people with no business experience or desire you were talking with people who had both experience and desire to build a business. Do you think the success rate in this industry might go up? So here's what I'm going to do for you today. I'm going to give you an overview of how all of the top earners build there businesses and how you can begin to build your business just like a top earner.

Lists. All of your success is determined on the size and quality of your list. How do you think it's possible for someone to jump right into a Network Marketing business and within a couple months be one of the top producers earning the most money? Do you think he/she did this by talking to the mailman? No, this person has been building a list of qualified people over the course of their career. So when the time comes for them to "recommend" an opportunity, thousands of people opt-in right along with them. Then the next thing they do is teach their team how to do the same. This can be done through the sales of books, audios, training programs, etc. Each and every time some form of training material is sold, the list is getting bigger and bigger and their organization is growing and growing.

That's great, now how do you do the same? Easy, you position yourself in your marketplace as a leader! Do some research about your particular niche business. Do you sell lotions, pills, make up, creams, juice, etc.? Become THE expert people want to go to for advice about any of these particular areas. Set up a website and/or blog where people can visit and get FREE content and/or advice about your particular niche. Write a Newsletter or some sort of informational paper that your prospect can receive after they've given you their contact information. This is what is known as an opt-in. When someone gives you their information you in turn give them more FREE content about your niche market.

This is the very basic nuts and bolts of building a list. So the next time your opportunity comes around, you have a very large list of qualified people in your niche market to "recommend" something to. Then, have something in place that you can offer to your team to help them create the same sort of system you have built to ensure their success. If everyone were taught how to effectively Market your Network Marketing Business, there wouldn't be a 97% failure rate in this industry.

So before you go out and get slammed with rejection by your "warm market", go back through this blog and pick up on some techniques of how to Market your Network Marketing Business so you are able to speak with qualified leads who actually want to build a business with YOU! I hope this has been informative and leads you down a path of success instead of frustration which leads to failure. Until next time, happy Marketing!

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