Thursday, October 22, 2009

Are You Using Social Media Correctly?

Let me start this by asking a very simple question to find out if Your Using Social Media Correctly. Would you rather have 10,000 followers who SOMETIMES see what you say, or, would you rather have 1,000 followers who hang on EVERY word you say? You see for us as Biz Builders, and specifically Marketers in the Direct Sales industry, it's all about conversion. I can promise you a person with a list of 5,000 laser targeted subscribers will outperform someone with a list of 50,000 hodgepodge subscribers. This is simply because of the conversion rate.

Think about this from your own perspective for just a moment. How many emails do you get from individuals that you have subscribed to? Of those people, how many do you actually read? Better yet, how many of them come to your primary email address? You see, we are all going through the same thing and playing the same game. So why is it that there are some people in this industry who are followed like Rock Stars and everyone else is spinning their wheels? It's like Time Square. You definitely notice everything on the Billboards and all of the flashing lights. But it almost seems that the HUGE amount of traffic from both people and vehicles is secondary (unless your crossing the street.)

Seriously, think about it for just a minute. Is your message getting communicated correctly and effectively, or, are you just another one of the "talking heads?" I know you're expecting me to unveil this long kept secret that has some of the most respected individuals in your market wearing the crown of a King. And your right, I will tell you what the difference is...Quality Content done on a consistent basis.

I know, I know I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but it's the truth. People gravitate towards individuals who have done it and are willing and gracious to give their advice. You know what you do when you give someone the Keys to The Kingdom? You teach them how to put the key in the door, how to turn it just right (because the door is not centered), how to open the door (does it pull out or do you push in) and then you make sure they step over the door frame. I'm dead serious! And this is what separates the Rock Stars in your industry from the other 97%. Now I'm going to give you another secret about HOW they are able to do that...

They all have experience that has lead them to where they are. That's right Ladies and Gentlemen, they all worked their way to where they are. Now, for them, this stuff is easy. One, because they don't repeat the same mistakes, and two, (The Big One) they have wrapped their MINDS around the fact that it is possible because they have done it before!

So, this all comes back around to Are You Using Social Media Correctly? Next time you decide to send a "Tweet" or post on your Facebook page, make sure you GIVE something that people want to see. Also, be selective of the people you decide to Friend and Follow. Don't be afraid to un-follow someone or remove someone as a friend. Don't get caught up in the Ego of it all. Who cares if you have 30,000 followers if your Marketing converts at less than .001% If you're in Social Media as a business, you don't care about the Quantity of your followers and friends, you care about the Quality. I hope this helps you on your Journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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