Friday, October 16, 2009

Your Network Marketing Success

Every year hundreds of thousands, if not millions, or people decide to throw their hat in the ring of Network Marketing. Each of them coming in to the opportunity with Big dreams and an unwavering desire to make things happen. This excitement is what brought all of us to the Direct Sales industry. The problem I see happen to most peoples dreams is that they fade away when they don't see immediate success. On one hand I want to say, "Get over it, it's just like every other business and it's gonna take some time." Then I realize this type of individual will weed themselves out so I should save my energy for my next comment. "Your dreams can come true, you just haven't been shown how to properly generate leads and recruit into your organization." I'm going to try to shed some light on how to generate some free leads and help you with your recruiting process. My disclaimer is this, however, there is no magic pill, course or program that will replace your hard work and effort. Even the best courses and systems out there, and there are some good courses, won't do it for you. It all starts and ends with you. Having said that, here we go!

1) Leadership: This is such a broad topic it ought to be written about on its own. For the purposes of today I'm simply talking about what YOU do to build your business. It's not necessary for you to try to act like a leader or read a script or come across as something you're not. What is important is when you speak with a new prospect you do certain things like keep control of the conversation. Without a doubt your new prospect is going to ask you about your success with company XYZ. How do you handle this? Do you sense his/her nervousness and get on their level and answer with something like, "Well, I just kinda got started and I'm giving it a shot and we'll see." Most of you reading this are thinking that's a horrible answer, but most of you reading this answer those sort of questions just like that. I know, I've been sitting right next to people when they do. I've even had someone say it to me! That, my friends, is not leadership. You immediately turn that, and any other similar question, right back on your prospect. "This isn't about me, I am here to help you succeed, let's talk about what you're looking for and what has brought you to a place where you're ready to build this business!" You may think I'm crazy or forward, but you have IMMEDIATELY positioned yourself as a leader!

2) Ownership: This doesn't simply mean you have a Distributor I.D. # and that makes you an owner. I mean when your friends ask you what you've been up to, you don't hide the fact that you're in direct sales! Own the fact that you have taken your life and financial future back in your hands. This is something to be very proud of and something very few actually believe and own! This simple little tip is what separates the top 3% from the other 97% who continue to bounce from opportunity to opportunity thinking the next one will work, it's gotta be the company. Wrong, it's YOU! If you just landed your dream job you'd be telling everyone on the face of the planet about it. Why don't you do the same when you get involved with your product/opportunity. Because you're afraid of someone stealing your dream and telling you no. I'm sorry, but this is again where I would have to say, "Get over it." People are going to say no. You have to understand that most people aren't willing to put themselves out there to make things happen. Why do you think 3% of the population controls 97%-98% of all the wealth. It's not luck. These people took ownership of what they believe and let nobody tell them any different. This includes the Top Earners in your company.

3) Consistency: You have to have a Marketing plan. At this point I don't even care what it is. You just need to have one and you need to be consistent with it. You should have a time line in mind of when you decide to pull that plan in exchange for a new one if it isn't converting, but you've got to start and you've got to follow through with it. Most people decide to do one thing one day and something different the next. How are you ever going to find a process that consistently works? Do some research about lead generation and marketing specific to your company. Pick one or two tactics and run like you just escaped from prison (your J.O.B).

Network Marketing Success is waiting for you, you just have to go get it. These companies and this industry are set up for you to win. There is no other industry in the world that allows you this type of freedom and the ability to build organizations the size of Microsoft without all of the overhead but with all the profits. So get yourself positioned as a leader, own what you doe and get consistent with your Marketing and Your Network Marketing Success will happen before you know it. I hope this helps you on your journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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