Friday, October 23, 2009

Think and Grow Rich Desire

I'm sure you are familiar with the great Napoleon Hill and his most famous work "Think and Grow Rich." If you have not read this book you need to stop everything you're doing and go read it! This booked is based on his research of predominant qualities of some of the most successful and wealthiest individuals of his time.

Today I'm going to talk about the second chapter...Desire. In this chapter Mr. Hill describes desire as The Starting Point of All Achievement. He goes on to say that it's not a hope, want or a wish. No, it's something much greater than that, it's a burning desire. I'm going to try and give a couple examples of how this comes into play with the Direct Sales industry.

Everyone who decides to take the leap and join a particular company does so with the best of intentions. I talk to people in this business and other businesses who use terms like, want and wish. While these terms are again meant with the best intentions, they will always leave you with more want and wishes. It is very easy to use terms like this because if something doesn't go your way or you are met with a road block you can simply justify it to yourself and others by saying it was just a wish. I've got news for you...wishes come true when you make them come true.

When you have Desire for something, nothing stands in your way. This isn't a "fired up" feeling. Quite the opposite. It's almost a calmness, a feeling of knowing it has already happened. You see, the problem with being fired up is that it is usually (at least in this industry) geared towards simply making more money. You have to understand that if your energy is all placed around making more money so you can pay next months bills or you can buy that new toy or whatever the case may be, you will often be disappointed and that same energy will work against you. Why do you think there is a 97% failure rate in this industry, it's not because of the "systems."

You have got to get yourself to a place of wanting a larger picture. Make your why something that truly moves you. Do you really think Russel Simmons cares about making another million dollars, or is he now out to see how far he can go and how much change he can bring to the world. It's time for you to do the same. Look inside yourself and start to think BIG! I'm not talking about changing your dream car from a Benz to a Bentley, but how many people can you take with you!

Have a desire to change the industry. Have a desire to be respected by the other Top Earners in this industry. Have a desire to make change so that everyone can experience the joy and freedom that this industry offers when done correctly with passion for others success. It's been said a hundred times that if you make it an intention to go to the moon and only make it half way, that's still pretty remarkable!

So look in the mirror. Do you have the Desire Napoleon Hill talks of in Think and Grow Rich? Or, do you daydream about new cars, toys and paying your bills? Make this a must and it will give you all of your Dreams. I'd love to hear your thoughts about this. I hope this helps you on your Journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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