Monday, October 19, 2009

Network Marketing Lead Generation System Less than $20

Yes, you can have a fully functioning Network Marketing Lead Generation System set up for less than $20! Most people assume that in order for them to have a great lead generation system, they are going to have to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Well, today, I've got the budget concise Biz Builders in mind. I'm going to take you through one simple processes to have you up and running for less than $20.

I am going to assume that you have already done enough research or read enough of my stuff to know that you are already doing AT LEAST two different methods of FREE Marketing. Whether you are writing articles, press releases or doing videos and social media, you are doing something. So, I'm also going to assume you have been able to get a few visitors to your site and are just simply waiting for the leads to come rushing in. This all brings us to today's topic...Auto Responders.

No business, online or off, can convert as much business as they need without some sort of follow up. It's been proven that the majority of individuals don't buy something until they have seen it 7 times. Also, if you've spent any time in sales, you know that the majority of your business comes from follow up. However, in this day and age, we are all focused on what we are doing right now. Call this an immediate justification or what have you. Whatever the case, most people suck at follow up. So, I'm going to go over Auto Responders.

My personal favorite comes from They are very well respected around this industry and I don't have one colleague or respected friend in the industry who doesn't use them. An auto responder allows you to do two things, if not more: capture information and continually follow up with your potential lead, client, etc.

You are able to have multiple lists. This just simply means however many different offers you've got, you can have a list and a subsequent message, that corresponds to that particular list. You can literally set it up so that your prospect hears from you everyday for a year! It is also automatically set up so that when the email goes out, your prospects name appears everywhere you wan to use their name in the message. If you've spent any time in sales or no anything about communication, you know how sweet it is for someone to hear their own name.

Now you have the ability, within your messages, to make different offers and send different messages throughout the process. If you spend enough time and think this through, you can actually begin to run promotions this way. Say you offer a 25% discount on your offer over the next week. You can make it so that each email for the next week continues to remind them of the time that is running out. Whatever you want it to be, you can customize it accordingly.

Linkbacks! It is extremely important for you to have linkbacks in your messages. I promise you, your prospect has forgotten what website they visited to start getting your messages. Do all of the work for them. Always remind them why they are hearing from you and where you guys got to know each other and most importantly why they want to do business with you. Make sure you've always got your call to action in your message. It's a shame when someone is ready to say yes and there is no Linkback to your sales page.

I say this is a Network Marketing Lead Generation System for less than $20 because your auto responder is going to cost $19.99. You are also going to be driving traffic to your page through FREE Marketing that you have learned from some of my other writings. All of this will give your prospect the impression that you are running a million dollar organization with tons of help. The funny thing is that you will run a million dollar organization this way and you will have tons of help, it's called outsourcing. Begin to utilize these tools and you will have your own Network Marketing Lead Generation System for less Than $20. I hope this helps you on your journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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