Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do You Want Less Stress & More Success

For some people, stress is categorized differently. Some, the thought of having to go to work and listen to the sound of your Boss's voice give you anxiety. For others, it's the fact that the end of the money comes before the end of the month. Whatever it is for you, I'm going to try to get you on the fast track to Less Stress & More Success.

1) Passion: You need to figure out what it is you truly love to do. You'd be surprised, there are people making obscene amounts of money doing some of the most absurd things. I'm not kidding, I think there is actually a T.V. show about it. The problem with most people is they find themselves going to a Job they truly can't stand. They sit there all day wishing they were doing something different. This usually leads to activities like solitaire and Facebooking all day instead of actually producing any kind of results at work. On the other hand, there are the fortunate people who have decided to make there life's passion their career. These are the people who seem to always be working, even when it seems like they are playing. Please know that if this is not you, it can be simply by making the decision.

2) Mentor: Life is SO much easier when you've got a mentor to help you along the way. This is easier than you might think. It doesn't need to be someone who you know personally and have the ability to see everyday. This can come in the form of an industry leader or simply someone you respect that has books, articles or blogs you can read and study. Don't try to go at this alone. Those who have come before you have already screwed up where you are about to. Do yourself a favor and take their advice.

3) Thoughts & Actions: Don't fight your thoughts. You know what you should be doing. It's those who take action on their thoughts that always seem to have the most success. If you're sitting there and a great thought comes to you..DO IT!! This is what's known as the creative process. Keep in mind, Fate Favors the Bold. So when you get that feeling in your stomach that you should, or shouldn't, do something, listen to it and by all means ACT!! Even if you aren't sure how or why, you need to ACT. You will never get to where you want to go by simply thinking your way there. Remember, we're talking about Less Stress & More Success. What do you think will feel better..taking massive action or wishing you would have. I can tell you right now regret will always leave you stressed.

4) Discipline & Structure: These two words seem to turn off the majority of people. When in actuality these two words will set you free! Personally I keep myself on a 6-8 work schedule (sometimes it's a lot more but this is average). During those hours I have highly prioritized Money Making Activities scheduled. My email and phone are not either of those things. On top of that, I break my hours into 50 minute blocks. This allows at least two things: I know for a fact I will accomplish at least 6-8 highly prioritized tasks throughout the day and by giving myself 50 minutes, I have no time to mess around doing some B.S. that drains my time. Tomorrow, monitor yourself. It's been researched that in an 8 hour day an employee does less than 2 hours of actual work! C'mon, there was a game last night I need to talk about, Lindsey Lohan got put in jail, my best friend just put new pics on their Facebook page, etc, etc, etc. And you wonder why people are stressed about income and freedom!!

This Life and all Business opportunities are journeys. These journeys should be enjoyed. Take the time to set yourself up to win and you will most certainly be living a life and/or operating a Business with Less Stress and More Success. The above mentioned items are easy to do and have been around long before I was here. Start easy and implement them one at a time if you have to. Just make sure you implement them. I hope this helps you on your journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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