Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How To Gain Twitter Followers While You Sleep

Twitter has quickly become one of the most visited sites on the internet. We all know that in order for people (traffic) to see what you have to say or what you have to offer, you need to have Followers. With Twitter, a Follower is simply someone who will receive your "tweets" or your messages as you post them. So, what I'm going to do today is give you one VERY effective way to gain followers even while you sleep. For some of you this may be old news, but for those of you just getting started, you can literally end up with 2,000 followers in a week without software that Twitter will frown upon.

First things first, get an account. This is probably the easiest account I've ever set up in my life so I'm not going to walk you through it. You should choose a user name that is YOU or the same as your Blog. I have two, one of me and one that corresponds to this blog. This is going to help you later in your internet marketing career as you get more in touch with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You are making it easier for the Search Engines to find more relevant content about you and/or your blog so you can get higher natural rankings! This is a good thing.

Next, set up a picture. DO NOT use the standard issue picture that Twitter gives you. This is how people know you're not for real and/or you're just going to be spamming them all day. Find a nice picture that ties into the rest of your theme. This is the beginning process of Branding YOU. If you notice, I've got the same picture on Twitter, Facebook and this Blog. It's like a nice suit being pulled together by the shoes. Okay, that's a joke but just do it, you want that picture to be recognized and affiliated with you and all of your great content.

After you've got your account set up it's time to get to work. You are going to visit 2 different sites to get your Twitter page customized for YOU. The first is where you can get free twitter backgrounds. This is going to help fit right in with the rest of your theme and give people the idea that you take your business seriously and you are going to be giving professional stuff here.

The next is This site will allow you to automatically set up an auto welcome. So, when someone decides to follow you, they get an automatic response from you that says whatever you want it to say. This should be something nice and inviting, you are NOT selling them anything with this message, just saying hi and thanks.

Here's where it gets interesting. Most people have this feature and will also have it set up to automatically follow you in return. So what you're gonna want to do next is find 3 people per day that are in your industry, market or you otherwise just think are badass. After you follow them, go through 3-5 pages of their followers and follow those who you have something in common with. Don't do more than 3 people per day and don't do more than 5 pages of followers per person. Fly under the radar and you'll be just fine. Not only will you be fine, but you'll end up with 100+ followers in a day or so!

So there you have it. This is what I talk about when I say give valuable content. You can have your Twitter account set up RIGHT NOW and generating followers in a matter of one hour. Do the math yourself. How long will it take you to get 2,000 followers if you are consistent with this approach each day. In marketing, it's all a numbers game, the more eyes the better. I hope this helps you on your Journey. Until next time, Happy Marketing!

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